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Ruth and Newell Ayers - December 1992

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I hope to eventually store here an online photograph album of the Ayers family. While this will primarily feature Newell and Ruth Ayers and their descendants, I hope to also include photos of their ancestors on both sides, such as the Baughns, Weiskopfs, Stephensons, etc.

I hope to also include documents (either transcribed or scanned) that details the family's known history.

Should you have in your possession any family photographs, documents, or information that may be of interest and relevance, please send me an email.


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William Henry Ayers Family
Top Row: Rollin H. Ayres, (Samuel) Franklin Ayers, Ernest L. Ayers - sons of William and Mary.
Second Row: Herle Ayers (Rollin's son), Lura Adams, Augusta Adams (Walter Adam's wife), Esther Adams, Willard Adams, Wilbur Walter Ayers (son of William and Mary), Walter Adams.
Third Row: Dollie Ayres (Rollin's wife), Stella S. Ayers (Wilbur's wife, later Rollin's 2nd wife), William Henry Ayers (with Wilbur Walter Ayers, Jr.), Mary Newell Ayers, Nella Ayers (Ernest's wife), Hattie Ayers (Franklin's wife with their son, Bruce Ayers).
Bottom Row: Lois Adams, Ruth Adams, Edith Ayres and A. Frank Ayres (Rollin and Dollie's daughter and son), Cora Ayers (Franklin and Hattie's daughter), Arthur M. Ayers and Ronald H. Ayers (Wilbur and Stella's sons).

Wilbur and Stella Ayers and sons (probably Arthur and Ronald)

Wilbur Walter Ayers (Newell's father)


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  • Samuel Ayers' Obituary, 1887.

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